Saturday, July 3, 2010

This is Adam. Above is a slice of Argentinian wine country. Pretty spectacular. That´s the Andes in the background and some soon-to-be Syrah or Malbec in the fore. We toured two wineries and ate lunch at a third one. At the first our guide (forgot her name, sorry tourguide) told us all about the wine making process and how each type of grape has different ¨descriptor chemicals¨ which suggest the flavors of other foods. I´ve always wondered how wine experts come up with "a hint of strawberry and toasty oak" when then drink wine, and dismissed it as bourgeois foppery, but I guess I was wrong. The flavors are very subtle and I can see how people become connoiseurs (read alcoholics). There are worse ways to spend a day than being drivin around this beautiful countryside to taste different wines.
An epic Andean valley. Day before yesterday we took an excursion with a local travel agency from the city into the Andes up to the Chilean Border. On the way we crossed the precordillera, a range of foothills before the Andes proper, which are older and smaller. It reminded me of pictures of Afghanistan.

The rest of the pictures are us in the Andes and some a picture from the van on the way back.

Here´s an experience our Kiwi friend Earl had in the U.S.:

American: Oh you´re from New Zealand, what do you speak there.
Earl (messing with them): We speak New Zealander
American: Say something in New Zealander!
Earl: Gooday.
American: What does that mean?
Earl: It´s a greeting.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Great update and batch of photos - and so nice to see Levi, eating @ an "all you can eat buffet" as might be expected. Regardless, you all look amazingly fit. Didn't realize it was winter there! 94 degrees here today, much cooler up on the mountain.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing.