Saturday, July 3, 2010

greetings from the south

Hello folks,
We´ve finally figured out how to post on our blog. I haven´t been able to do it from our droid phone but right now we´re using the computer at our hostel. We are spending the week in Mendoza, taking some tours and exploring the city. On Wednesday we took a tour of the Andes, and Thursday we took a wine tour (Mendoza is famous for its wine). While Adam had a jolly time I learned that you cannot develop a taste for wine in a day! But it was beautiful and we met some great Kiwis and Portuguese folks. Ate tapas last night with the Kiwis and spent a lot of time discussing the finer points of New Zealand culture, which we think is a bit goofy.

During our stay in Buenos Aires we visited the famous Recoleta Cemetary in which Evita and other famous Argentinian´s tombs are located. Along our wanderings through the tombs I befriended a cat (see below). Adam did not trust it.

Our room in the hostel was great, epic mural included.
We´ll post more soon about Mendoza and our adventures. For now we will leave you a funny quote from a fellow traveller:
Humberto (Brazil): ´´We don´t want Mick Jagger at the Brazil game. He was at the US game, they lose, he was at the England game, they lose...we don´t want Mick Jagger at our game´´


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. The pictures are wonderful. Looks like beautiful weather.

    So, what's the picture of that is next to last, right above the epic mural. Are those housetops or gravestones, mausoleums?

    Watch out for those Argentinian cats. The one in the picture looks a bit sassy.

  2. Hello dad. Yeah, that´s the view from the church window of the cemetary. It was huge.

  3. Hey Chelsea, Thanks so much for sharing your trip and being in touch. Great photos. Also nice to meet Adam via the blogosphere. Michael said Levi was to join you shortly so Hi to him also. Be safe as you (all) explore this amazing world we ever so briefly inhabit. Ah, the joys of youth.